Sara  Bell is the CEO and founder of Tempus Energy, a mission based company working to decarbonise energy systems around the world by enabling renewables and demand flexibility to outcompete fossil fuel. In 2014, Tempus challenged the UK Capacity Market design in the European Court because it favours fossil fuel generation over innovation. Sara ’s unique background combining a financial markets risk system development career with energy system innovation has provided the cutting edge approach employed by the company. Sara is a member of the High Level Group of i24c, the Industrial Innovation for Competitiveness initiative, a European Climate Foundation initiative dedicated to developing and promoting an industrial strategy that secures European industry’s competitive advantage through innovation. Sara is also an Innovation Ambassador for Innovate UK.



Paige Perillat-Piratoine engages in projects that bridge urban design and circular systems. She works with startups and individuals to make a difference through education, research and collaborative projects. She is currently a resident at Greenlab, an open innovation ecosystem, where she works on demonstrating the feasibility of urban biocycles by repurposing waste streams. By exploring projects in biomaterials, urban agriculture and circular design, she dives into experiments that have the potential to foster new urban orders. 

Paige is also a freelance writer focusing on sustainable enterprises which allows her to continuously discover innovative people and projects.